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Patience Holt

Mar 28

Bible Study at Immanuel Baptist at NOON

I participate in a weekly Bible Study at Immanuel Baptist Church in Little Rock Arkansas.  If you are interested in attending, please let me know.  I would love to have you as my guest for the study and for Lunch at Noon.  Every Tuesday. is my email.  email me and I will set it up for you.


Are YOU going to Heaven?

What do you feel is the best way to reach Heaven?

1. Keeping the  10 Commandments:

The 10 commandments  are God’s absolute rules for living . NO man  has  ever perfectly kept all of Gods Laws ~ Except  for God’s Son -Jesus. A person  will never reach Heaven through his or her own efforts .

The Bible says:

Therefore  by the deeds  of the law there shall  no flesh be justified  in HIS { God } sight : For  by the law  is the knowledge of sin ” Romans  3:20 

2. Gifts of  Charity:

3. Doing ones Best :

4. leading a good life :

2, 3 or 4~ Gifts  to charity , doing one’s best, and leading a  good life  are  commendable acts , BUT according to the Bible, They will not  Save anyone .

The Bible says :

“Not by works  of Righteousness which  we have done, BUT according to HIS Mercy He saved us”  Titus 3:5

5. Good works :

6. Trying to obey the golden  rule:

7. Tithing or giving  to the Church:

5, 6, or 7 Neither Good works , trying to obey  the Golden rule or giving to the church  will get  you into Heaven .

The Bible says :

For  by Grace  ye are saved  through Faith and that not of your  yourself s: It is the gift of God: Not of  works  lest any man should boast” Ephesians 2:8-9

8. Church membership :

9.Regular Church attendance:

10. Prayers

11. Fasting :

8, 9, 10,11~  Church membership , regular church attendance , prayers  and fasting  are  good in themselfs  BUT they  can NEVER justify sinners  before a Holy God .

The Bible Says :

We are all as  an unclean thing  and all our  righteousness are as filthy rags” Isaiah 64 :6 


13. Holy Communion:

12 or 13  Without  Trusting Jesus  Christ, Baptism & communion cannot help. The Bible Shows  clearly  that these  are of Spiritual value ONLY  when  one believes in Jesus Christ.

The Bible Says  Please read :

Acts 8:12  and 1 Corinthians 11:2 , 23-24

14.Born of Christian parents :

Children born into Christian  homes need  to be saved  Just like everyone else

The Bible says :

As many as received HIM { Christ}, To them  gave  he power  to become  the sons of God ,Even  to them that believe on His name: Which  were born, Not of  blood , Nor of the will of the flesh, Nor  the will of man BUT of GOD  John 1:12-13



All who  welcome Jesus  Christ as Lord  of their lives  are Reborn spiritually , Receiving New life  from God.  Through Faith in Christ, This new birth changes us from the inside out ~ rearranging our attitudes, desires, motives. Being  born makes you  physically  alive  and places you  in  your parents family .

Being  reborn makes  you  spiritually  alive  and puts you in Gods family.  This Fresh start in life  is available to ALL  who believe  in Christ. 


16. Penances

17. Extreme Unction ( Anointing )

Neither Confirmation , penances or extreme Unction ( anointing )  are the  basis  for going to Heaven. God has Provided ONLY one way of Salvation.

So what is Gods only  way of Salvation ?

The Bible  gives  a definite answer. The ONE and ONLY means of  spending  Eternity  with God in heaven  is Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ Alone.

Because  we can not  save ourselves by good works, good Character, Personal effort or merit  of any kind, God sent His  Son Jesus Christ to die as a substitute  for all sinners  like you  and me.

When  the Lord Jesus  Died on the cross and Rose again on the third day, HE finished  the work  necessary  for Salvation .

Now all  God requires of YOU  is to receive Christ as your Lord  and Savior:

The Bible says :

“Believe on the Lord Jesus  Christ  and thou shalt Be saved ” Act 16:31

SO when  you  trust in Jesus  you are saved  and are destined  to spend Eternity in Heaven.

Jesus Said : “He  that’s hearth my word, and believe on Him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall  not  come into  condemnation; But  is passed from death unto Life  John 5:24

Will YOU accept God’s Way of Salvation ?

The choice is  yours. You may continue  to trust in those things listed  1-17 above  IF so you will go  to the grave  without Christ and wake up facing God’s Eternal Punishment OR you can  believe  in Jesus Christ  and be saved .

Choose Christ Today !!

 You  can do it right now  Just  Pray to God  from your Heart  something like this :

Dear God , I admit that I am a sinner and cannot  go to Heaven  based on my own  works . Thank you  for sending Jesus  to pay  the punishment  for my sins by dying on  the Cross  then raising Him to life  again. I  turn now  from my  sins  and receive Christ as my Lord  and Savior.

Amen .

Yes it is that simple .. Praise God !!

We will never be perfect ( Only Jesus is perfect )  and once we get saved  we  still  will sin in our  earthly life Just ask God to forgive you and tell Him you are sorry  ( Yes  this may very well  be a daily  thing ) . 

 He  will  forgive you  and  forget your sins  as far as  the East is from the West  Psalm 103: 12 .

(East  & West can never  meet , This is a symbolic portrait of Gods Forgiveness ~When He forgives our sin He separates it from us and Does NOT remember  it.  For God  forgives  and forgets . He has wiped our record Clean. If we are to follow God we must model His forgiveness.  When we forgive  another we must also  forget the sin, otherwise we have not  truly  forgiven.

Christians Are NOT perfect Just forgiven 


If you  accepted Christ as  your personal Savior today /email me and let me know so that I may rejoice with you!  I would also love to hear if you did this  not only Today But any time in your life~ Please Post below and share your thoughts . Can be as simple as Yes and your name  and date  you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior.

I would  love to rejoice over the Most important thing you could ever do in  your lifetime.  I would also encourage you to record the date you accepted  Christ  in your  Bible,  somewhere  that you  can see it easily .This will serve as a reminder that you are a child of God  and Satan  can Not  make  you  doubt  this  wonderful day  in your life . 

God Bless you!